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June 8, 2012
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Owl City is a small little country city near the ocean. It's mayor is Adam Young, a shy yet kind man who is the one who built this humble town. We don't have a very large population, about eh...a couple thousand people. But everyone is very nice and will gladly greet any tourists who come.

The weather isn't just sunny, cloudy, rainy, and stormy. There's beautiful vanilla twilights, snows that contain peppermints, alligator skies, and on some nights, meteor showers, kamikazes, a helicopter moon, blue lights that are surprisingly fuzzy, and shooting stars that shine the night. You can even see galaxies in the sky clearly that other places couldn't show even with a telescope.

Now Owl City is an ocean town, isn't it? So it must have a beach. And indeed you are right, Owl City does have a beach, Umbrella Beach is it's name. Why is it named Umbrella Beach? Because everyday, there are many umbrellas on the beach, even if the day before had no umbrellas. If you look out the horizon, you may see a little white triangle. That is the tip of owl iceberg. You can see the whole thing if you go into a submarine to the saltwater room. Sometimes you can see captains and their cruise ships on the dock going out to fish, or coming back in from fishing. They'll tell you really great tales, one of them has a tale saying how he became the sea. We don't know for sure if he's telling the truth, but it's a fun tale to listen to anyways. And more thing, if you throw a message in a bottle out to the sea, it may be picked up by someone afar and you can form a west coast friendship. Some may even come back to you! We once had one that said "Hello! From, Seattle." But make sure a tidal wave doesn't get you and makes you swim in Miami!

In Owl City it's self, there's a bunch of places to go to. Need a tooth pulled out or braces? Then go to "Dental Care"! Our dentists there are one of the greatest you'll ever see! Need a wig for a bald spot? Then go to "Rugs for me to you", a wig shop that collects hair from salons to make wigs. And thus, hears hope mainly for people with cancer. If you need a doctor, our clinic will gladly help you! From detecting normal illnesses, to curing sunburns, finding the joy in your heart, making sure your head doesn't cave in, and detecting rainbow veins. (Which BTW, every citizen of Owl City has rainbow veins.) You can go to the mall, and every piece of clothing you see is made by a company called "Designer Skyline". You can go to the zoo, and see our giant, loveable panda bears! There's many other buildings I can't cover, but remember to always use the air traffic to get from one place to another, where you're on the wings of the traffic as you take to the sky!

But alas! Our tour is not done. As I said in the beginning, Owl City is also in the country. So just what is in the country? Let's take a look! But please remember to drive slowly through the woods in case any deer are shown by your headlights. Garden Party is our main campsite, where you can go camping in the forest. There's also forest rangers Adam (Yes, I mean the actual mayor.), Breanne, Valerie (But call her Lights), Daniel, Laura, Hannah, and Casey. If you camp there, make sure you stay a little late at night, since you can see the glowing fireflies, and if you can't sleep, a wind will sing to you a lonely lullaby that will surely make you fall asleep. In the morning you may hear and/or see an early birdie, and see a couple in a hot air balloon on their super honeymoon. As you walk through the forest, go through it barefoot and be plunged into a feeling of being enchanted. If you stand still, a little bee will land on your fingers and give you a drop of sweet honey. As you leave the forest, you could see a worm having a great time riding with a bird through the air, and maybe, just maybe, little butterfly wings hold a wreath of hospital flowers and shy violets and put it gently on your head.

And thus, ends our tour of Owl City. But one question may form in your head. How can you get to this land of Owl City? By your imagination, dreams, in drawings, and stories. Owl City may not be real in the real world, but it's real in your brain and heart. It's pure gold where it is, and it's what anyone wants it to be. It's citizens aren't in one place, they're everywhere around the globe. But no matter what, we'll forever be in Owl City.

"When the sun goes down, and the lights burn out, then it's time for you to shine. Brighter than a shooting star, so shine no matter where you are. Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light, cause it's time for you to shine. Brighter than a shooting star, so shine no matter where you are. Tonight." -Chorus in song "Shooting Star", sung by Adam Young.
A cute little story about my POV on Owl City. I mentioned a lot of Owl City songs, including one that's cleverly hidden. This idea sparked when I was looking through Owl City pictures, and remembering comments on Owl City videos about people describing Owl City by using the title of songs. Mine is just a huge one of those.

I listened to "Shooting Star" by Owl City through the whole making of this story. It's now my new favorite Owl City song since it's great for sad times. So if your down in the dumps, listen to this song once, and be amazed by how touching it is and you'll be out of the dumps in no time. ; )

Song: [link]


Story idea: Me (Who else?)

Songs and Owl City: The wonderful man himself, Mr. Adam Young

--Note for Adam--

Dear Adam Young,

I know you probably won't read this, but thank you for taking the time to do the thing you love most, making music for us. It's such great music and I hope more people take the time to get away from their hip hop, and rap, and all those crazy music titles and go to calm, soothing bands like you. And yes, meeting a Let's Player is one of things I really wanna do before I die, another one is going to one of your concerts and hopefully getting the chance to meet you. It seems like although I live in warm Florida and you live in chilly Minnesota, we're connected. Well, connected with all the Owl City citizens out there in America and other countries.
There needs to be more people in the world like you. Shy, but very creative and sweet once you get know them. I think that's the best way to describe you. :3 Continue with what you do best Adam, for you are brighter than a shooting star, and shine no matter where you are.

-Love, an Owl City Citizen from Florida.
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