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The Runaway Twins: Chapter 6
-Chapter 6: The Clockwork Hotel’s Sixth Floor-
Jonny, Jonny, quite contrary,
What secrets do you know?
With a hidden plan, you’re a leading man,
And lovely rooms all in a row.

-3:50 PM-
Josh woke up, and the pitter-patter of the rain still hit the windows. Looking down at his watch, he’d say that he’d been sleeping for about 30 minutes.
Where…where is the bus now? Josh thought as he looked out the windows. He gave a little gasp, because when looking out the window, he saw tall buildings that touched the grey clouds.
I’m in downtown! I’ve never been to this part of town before. …And where in the world am I going to find a place to stay?
“Heh. Thought you’d never wake up.” A gruff voice said to him. Looking at where the voice was coming from, he saw a man, presumably, in a dark red hoodie and black pants. Somehow, he looked familiar…
“What’s your name?” Josh asked
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 6 21
It's coming soon *Please Read Description* by PeachSapling It's coming soon *Please Read Description* :iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 3 9
The Runaway Twins, Chapter 5
-Chapter 5: The Stephen Bar-
All of us had sat on a wall,
And all of us had a great fall.
With all of the children, women, and men,
We’ll try to put each other back again.

“This is it kid. The Stephen Bar.”
“Down that dark alleyway.”
“…You’re joking, right?”
“No, I’m serious! …Oh wait, this might be a bit weird eh? Being a newcomer and all. Alright, I’ll prove it to you. Nothing to be scared of.”
It was late at night, and from the looks of a nearby clock, it was 11:13. Donna could only assume she was somewhere in a major part of town, because of the various buildings and shops. Mostly everything was closed, but in the very far distance Donna could make out the lights on tall skyscrapers.
Knock, knock, knock
“What’s the password?”
“It’s me!”
“Wrong. If you want to try again, what’s the password?”
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 5 14
The Runaway Twins: Chapter 4
--Chapter 4: The Runaways, Act 2—
Out of all the children you know you're the mastermind!
Run, run Jepson, they’re not too far behind!
Run, run Jepson, you’ve gotta make it to town!
Jepson you’ve gotta hurry, you can run the freeway down!
Run, run Jepson, ‘cause they’re chasing like merry go round!

Her. It was her that was always appearing in his dreams. Ever since Josh had taken his mother’s advice three days ago of not drinking orange juice, he always had dreams...dreams of a girl who almost looked like his mother. Long locks from brown hair, and bright blue eyes.
“Those eyes of that girl…she has my mother’s eyes. But…I feel as though she’s trying to tell me something…they’re pleading. What are they telling me? Whenever I try to ask her...she disappears into fog.” He paused, and then looked out the window of the morning sun.
“I wonder if my mother knows about her…maybe
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 5 15
The Runaway Twins, Chapter 3
--Chapter 3: The Runaways, Act 1—
Now dash like a dancer,
Now prance like a vixen!
Like a comet! Like Cupid!
Oh Donna, get lickety-splitin’!
Get off of the porch steps,
Get around that wall!
Now run away! Run away!
Run away all!
Brrring, brrring!
The sound of the phone ringing woke Donna from her sleep. Her eyes shot open, and shot to the curtained window. It was dark, which meant it was before 6 AM.
“Who could be calling so early in the morning?” Donna yawned. She heard Mr. Lawner’s voice coming from downstairs, and something compelled her to listen. So, Donna crept out of her room and listened at the top of the stairs.
“So it’s going to be right after the little thing eh? I like it Belinda. Strike him right when he’s vulnerable.  Yep. They’re picking up the little light tonight. The boss is going to be so proud of us once they’re get rid of and done for. You wanna know her name? The girl’s name is Donna
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 4 25
The Runaway Twins: Chapter 2
-Chapter 2: The Man of His Loneliness-
Mary had a little lamb,
Whose fleece was black as stone.
And there’s one place that Mary went,
That the lamb could not go.

“It’s her last minutes. Let her son in."
In the dark of the night, 11 PM, a 14 year old boy quietly sat in front of a hospital room. He wore a light blue hoodie, a black shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of green sneakers. His hair was dark brown and slightly swooped in the front. Two brown eyes looked at the doctor from the room. Silently, he walked in the hospital room.
Normally he wouldn’t be up so late, where pitch black darkened the windows. Josh was frightened by the darkness, and what may lurk in them. But when his mother was in her dying state, he got enough courage to say goodbye.
“Can you maybe…leave? I…This is a private conversation.” The boy asked in a low tone.
“Alright then Josh, if you say so.”
The doctor left the room, and Josh was left standin
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 7 19
The Runaway Twins, Chapter 1
-Chapter 1: The Lady of Her Hope-
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
I can’t see where you are.
Are you in that world so high?
Where’s that diamond in the sky?
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
I just can’t see where you are.

“Donna! Dinner’s ready!”
“I’m coming Mr. Lawner!”
Coming down the stairs was a female fourteen year old. Donna had piercing light blue eyes, and long, wavy brown hair. She had a soft pink top on, and bright yellow, short pants. Donna walked to the small, two-seated tabled where her foster father sat in front of her.
Mr. Lawner was hired by the government to be Donna’s guardian if she ever lost her father. Her mother had supposedly ran away with most of the fiancés when Donna was only five, leaving Donna and her father behind. They were put under Government Watch, and just two years later Donna’s father was diagnosed with a severe illness. Two years after fighting the illness, Donna’s
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 9 26
The Runaway Twins: Prologue
--The Runaway Twins: Prologue--
It was a calm day, that day. It was a time when the world was just a simple, carefree life. With only scrapes and bruises here and there, it was a happy family.
…Till it happened, and they came.
As lots of cliché stories begin, this happened on a dark and stormy night.
…A VERY dark night indeed….
“But ma! I don’t wanna go to sleep!”
“Yeah! Can’t we stay up for a little longer? Pleeeease?”
“Now you know that it’s past your bedtime. Daddy’s gonna be coming home real soon, alright?”
“Alright mommy.”
Bounding up the steps to their bedroom was two identical pairs of feet. They belonged to a pair of energetic twins named Donna and Joshua, or Josh, as Donna called him. Donna is a sweet and caring five year old that had wavy brown hair and her mother’s bright blue eyes. On the other hand, Joshua is a curious and mischievous five year old who also had
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 12 62
A Realm of Stars, Act 1: Chapter 1
--Act 1--
"You know Martyn, I've always thought those weren't just ordinary bugs..."
Hannah’s vision came back to her as Martyn’s latest memory loaded. It was a clear, starry night and Martyn was on a bench, looking at the lighthouse in the distance.
“Kaeyi…why did you have to go? …And…and leave me here?” Martyn whispered
“His wife must’ve meant a lot to him.” Nilsey muttered
“Hmm. Such a peculiar lighthouse.” Hannah said as she pointed to the lighthouse in the distance. In the moonlight she could see it was blue and black striped, with yellow dots on the black stripes.
“Maybe we’ll find more about that lighthouse later.” Nilsey said “Right now, we have to tell him.”
The two of them walked toward Martyn, and Nilsey put the two of them in the memory.
“…Martyn?” Nilsey said as he tapped the old man on the shoulder
“Oh! I
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 3 4
Color Gamers: Prologue *Description Edited*
--Color Blenders: Prologue--
"Hey, what's your name?"
"Grace. My name is Grace."
"My name is Aaron."
"Hey Aaron, I think I've seen you before."
"Yeah! I think I've seen you before as well!"
"I'm glad I could meet you Aaron. All the other kids here are so boring."
"Hey Grace?"
"Yeah Aaron?"
"Do you know about color? The colors besides white and black."
"Of course! There's red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and so many more! In fact, I think I can see them in my dreams!"
"Yeah, I do too! It's...strange.
"I try to talk to the big grown ups, but I always get in trouble for saying that..."
"Yeah, I get in trouble as well. I wonder why though. Hey, do you think...that the world will be colorful again?"
"With all of my heart."
"Me too."
Aaron and I were only two, innocent 8 year old's trying to get our voice heard in the world. We had been sent from orphanage to orphanage, just trying to find parents that would take us in. So when the two of us met, we stuck togeth
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 5 117
OUaP, Finale Part 2: The Kingdom with Two Rulers
--Once Upon a Player, Finale Part 2: A Kingdom With Two Rulers--
"You know, I wonder where we'd be if this curse never happened." Jon said to Emile as they ducked behind the shield while Tyler was aimlessly shooting fire.
"Yeah, I wonder that as well." Emile replied
"GAH! WHAT IS IN THAT SHIELD OF YOURS?!" Tyler shouted angerly
"Oh, something I call a blessing of innocence." Emile said with a cheesy grin
"Not much longer now. He's hardly got any sanity left." Masae said
"Wait. This dude has sanity?!" Jon exclaimed "And all this time we were cursed by a SANE witch. Jeez, I'd hate to see an insane one!"
"...You may not wanna know what an insane one looks like..." Masae said "Trust me. Not pretty sights at all."
"I'll keep that in mind." Emile said
"Hey, wait a minute..." Tyler said as he suddenly stopped "I'VE HEARD THAT VOICE BEFORE!"
"Oh, so NOW he notices Masae?!" Jake shouted behind them
"Well, now my cover is blown." Masae muttered
"Masae...wait a minute...I've heard that name from
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 7 28
OUaP, Finale Part 1: The Humorous Heroes
--Once Upon a Player, Finale Part 1: The Humorous Heroes--
"I figured I might as well play it fair and bring your little buddies along!" Tyler said "Although, it's not really going to make any difference honestly."
"And why did you bring HIM here?" Jake asked as he pointed to Jon
"Oh, I'd figure he could watch his brother die in front of him." Tyler said with a smile
"OH COME ON?! REALLY?" Jon shouted "Look, just because you're like the evil wizard that made me a jerk in the first place, DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T USE MY ANGER AGAINST YOU."
"Oh you're so happy Jennifer!" Tyler said with a cheesy grin
"Hey Masae, I have an idea..." Emile said to Masae
"Really? NOW?! ...Fine, say it." Masae replied
"I wonder if we can use my brother's anger to our advantage..." Emile suggested
"Now that you mention it, there could be a way..." Masae said as she trailed into thought
"What is it? We need answers he
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 12 38
OUaP, Chapter 12: Midnight
--Once Upon a Player, Chapter 12: Midnight--
"I swear, these guards are real knuckleheads." Jon said as he neared the window of the bedroom. "I mean, like I said, they could just look up and see some weird dude walking on the roof." Jon reached down from the roof, and opened the window. He then went through the window.
"Huh. Either it's REALLY dark in here, or there's no one in the bed." Jon whispered as the crept up to the bed. As he began to raise his dagger, his left hand accidentally nudged a vase on a shelf above him. And, as it very slowly careened over the edge of the shelf...
"Wait...why do I have a feeling my left hand didn't just touch any vase..."
It fell off the shelf and hit Jon on the back! Causing the vase to break into many pieces.
"Okay...they must not be in here..." Jon said as he tried to get back on his feet. "Nor are there any guards around. ...I swear, these guys are stupid." Jon said as he got up. "The exit to this place must be somewhere." He adjusted his
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 2 17
...I Know this Chick far too Well... by PeachSapling ...I Know this Chick far too Well... :iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 0 7
OUaP, Chapter 11: Into the Castle
--Once Upon a Player, Chapter 11: Into the Castle--
**Emile's POV**
After going through the thick, dark woods, a giant castle looms in front of us. I stare at Jake, and Jake stares at me. This was it, this was the castle.
"I'm gonna save you mom and dad. I'm gonna save everybody." I whispered under my breath.
"Huh, that's odd. The archer should be here." Masae said. As soon as she said that, a stick could be heard snapping nearby.
"Who goes there?" I shouted as I took out the sword and pointed it towards the sound of the twig. A white arrow narrowly missed the top of my head.
"Wait...I've seen that white arrow before. It''s the arrows said in the book! The light arrows of innocence!" Jake exclaimed. "Emile, whoever shot this arrow is obviously the maiden we are looking for."
" are right healer." A woman said from the forest. As she loomed to view, it was actually a maiden with red hair and brown eyes with a bow and quiver. Inside of the quiver, notably, were about a d
:iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 5 27
The Butterfly and the Flower by PeachSapling The Butterfly and the Flower :iconpeachsapling:PeachSapling 1 22
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Hai dar. I'm PeachSapling, and welcum to meh lair!!!! MUWAHAHAHA (Just kidding)

I live in sunny Florida, with my parents, little sister, and 2 fish.


Some things about meh:

I have black hair, and brown eyes. Well really, I'm just asian!

My favorite colors are yellow, green, blue and well, I don't know the rest. XD

I like watching Let's Players. (No duh!) And if you try to hurt ANY of them, me and a TON of fangirls and fanboys will HUNT YOU DOWN. So don't you dare try to harm ANY of them.

I like to listen to Owl City. You got a problem with that?


I do NOT support ProtonConroy. So I'll NEVER EVER do a story with it. Even if you give me a million dollars if I do one, I won't.

Edit: If Donna loses in her versus, then I WILL have to do a ProtonConroy yeeeeah. Enjoy!

I do however, support Tim and Reese. But since I'm not really the romantic type, there will not be full stories about them being together. I will add them being together in my stories.

...This doesn't mean I don't have an OTP. (One true pairing) I can now say, out of fangirl insaneness and pride, it's Inthelittledream. XD I dunno why! It just makes me feel more happy and confident! :3


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Mah awesome family!

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